Wheel of Time Books Becoming Game, MMO

A series of games, including an MMO, will be made from the Wheel of Time book series by the late author Robert Jordan.

Red Eagle Entertainment, a California production company which holds the film, TV and video game rights to the series, has opened a subsidiary, Red Eagle Games to produce games that tie in to upcoming Wheel of Time movies, reports VentureBeat.

"We expect to have a game based on every movie, and we expect no less than three movies, though that depends on how well each does," said Red Eagle co-founder Rick Selvage.

Aside from the movie tie-ins, Red Eagle also plans to develop an MMO set in Wheel of Time's fantasy universe.

According to the report, the company intends to release Wheel of Time games on "all major platforms: the consoles, personal computers, handhelds and wireless devices." It would not be the first Wheel of Time game released, as a 1999 PC Wheel of Time title was released by Legend.

Red Eagle will develop the games in-house, but the company currently lacks developers. Selvage and co-founder Larry Mondragon, both former IBM executives, have "identified key game developers" and plan to start hiring "in the coming months."

"We want to hire the rock stars," Selvage offered.