Rumor: Street Fighter 4 Console Roster Revealed, Rose Added to Game

BOOM widget 73896 Unless the image at left is a painstakingly produced fake, that's the current incarnation of the character selection screen in the upcoming home versions of Capcom's Street Fighter IV (PC, 360, PS3).

The image, reportedly a photograph taken at the N.E.X.T. consumer expo in Belgium, was featured on the Shoryuken fighting game forums and picked up by gaming blog Kotaku.

25 characters are shown on screen, with a question mark-filled space saved for those who want to play with a random character. Second from the left on the bottom row is believed to be Rose from Street Fighter Alpha.

If Capcom confirms the legitimacy of the image and the inclusion of Rose, she would be the latest character to join the ever-expanding ranks of console-exclusive fighters in Street Fighter IV. Recently, Fei Long, Dan, Cammy, and Gen were premiered, prompting Shacknews editor Chris Faylor to call Fei Long a misogynist.

The increasingly-complex console version of Street Fighter IV will hit Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in February with a PC port following later.