Child's Play 2008 Starts Sixth Year of Charitable Goodness

By Blake Ellison, Nov 07, 2008 1:19pm PST "It's time to be amazing again people," wrote Mike "Gabe" Krahulik of webcomic Penny Arcade and co-founder of the Child's Play charity, which has officially started its 2008 giving season.

Child's Play, a gamer-founded charity benefiting children's hospitals worldwide, was started in 2003 by Krahulik and Penny Arcade partner Jerry "Tycho" Holkins to counter negative press about gamers to resounding success. Last year, the charity raised $1.3 million for over 40 hospitals.

In the wake of economic turmoil, Krahulik stressed the value of small donations. "I understand that the way things are right now, buying toys for sick kids might not be an option no matter how much you'd like it to be," he conceded on the Penny Arcade website. "I wanted to make sure you knew that even giving a couple dollars to Child's Play helps out. Trust me when I tell you that it all adds up."

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  • From the main PA site right now

    In addition, we bought a Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit. This is a HUGE success and we will probably buy several more. Not only are they suitable for recreation, but they serve a therapeutic purpose as well. We have discovered that spinal cord injured patients can sit on the Fit's balance board and work on core balance by playing the games. Although we had initially thought we'd buy computer equipment, this is a much better use of the funds, and, I hope, you'll "approve."

    Anyone else get goosebumps every time they read or tell someone about Child's Play Charity? It's probably the best single thing the gamer community does for the world and the idea that hospitals are using it to help with therapy is just... wow.