Sacred 2 DRM Encourages Sharing with 'Try Before You Buy' Program

Owners of Ascaron's PC action-RPG Sacred 2--due in North America on November 11--will be able to share the full game with friends and family for one calendar day. nope

Copies purchased via retail and digital download will both sport the functionality, which allows recipients to access the full game in both LAN and single-player modes, but locks off online multiplayer component. After that one day, those players will be able to unlock the game through an online purchase.

Though the announcement was light on details, publisher cdv indicated that "subsequent installs" of the game will act as the demo version, suggesting that players will have the choice of registering their copy or activating the demo after installation.

"This innovative digital rights management solution raises the bar on how consumers can sample games before they buy them," explained cdv marketing director Mario Kroll.

"Rather than showcasing only a limited character or content selection, as most traditional demos do, gamers can share and enjoy the full game experience, trying out the features that most appeal to them, and getting a true sense of the full game."