Stardock Releases Free Galactic Civilizations II Update

Stardock today announced the release of a free update to its space strategy title Galactic Civlizations II, bringing the long-standing title up to version 2.0 with an armada of new features. nope

The update--only applicable to users who own either of the series' two expansions--can be automatically grabbed from Stardock's gaming platform, Impulse. Highlights include making all campaigins playable in the newest expansion, Twilight of the Arnor, as well as improved graphics and balancing.

A partial list of changes follows:

  • Players can now design new starships from the main game menu
  • All game campaigns have been updated to be playable within Twilight of the Arnor
  • New user manual
  • Numerous new game setup options
  • Updated diplomatic options
  • New planetary governors for automating the building of planets
  • Revamped espionage system
  • Auto-building for starbases
  • Balance updating
  • Improved graphics
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