Far Cry 2 Version 1.01 Patch Out Now

By Maarten Goldstein, Nov 05, 2008 11:06am PST

The first Far Cry 2 patch has been released by Ubisoft, updating the recently released shooter from Ubisoft Montreal to version 1.01. A 42MB update, the patch offers multiplayer, singleplayer and map editor bug fixes.


- Server's IP address now displays in lobby, beside the match's name (for direct IP join to work)

- Dedicated Server can now be launched in command line.

- Improved match start conditions. Ranked games can now also start if the player max is attained and everybody but the host is ready.

- Fixed a bug causing random crashes when joining a game.

- Ranked matches in progress will no longer display in the match list.

- Fixed players with same name by using identifiers instead of names.

- Fixed crash when creating a LAN game without a network cable.

- The diamond pool is now always validated after class upgrades, reset or rank up to avoid getting more diamonds than you are supposed to for your rank.

- When creating a dedicated server with PunkBuster enabled, then close it to create another but this time with PunkBuster disabled, PunkBuster will still be considered ON, on this new server.

- Fixed a problem where a player could get stuck (and couldn't get killed) after pressing the interaction key while wounded and getting rescued by a teammate at the same time.

- Fixed players getting disconnected if they have too many user maps and try to enter the map rotation menu in a Player or Ranked match.

- Vehicles will now always respawn even if they are never used.

- Fixed users not being able to see a match if the host switched match mode after a rank.

- Fixed a glitch that could make a player invisible to another.

- Fixed incorrect check for negative values when adjusting diamond count.

- Fixed a problem where a player would render through objects if healing a wounded playing while being wounded at the same time.

- Fixed reload not being interrupted on the host when a client picks a weapon while reloading.

- Fixed Field Manuals not unlocking after game mode change.


- Fixed health not changing with the difficulty level.

- Keyboard controls remapping in single mode now carry into multiplayer mode.

-A buddy will no longer get stuck when healing him while player is receiving damage.

- Stats of favourite weapon are now properly reset between loaded save games.

- The mortar will no longer move the player through wall.

- Mission objectives markers are now show properly after loading a save game.


- Fixed glider key remapping.

- Game will now minimize in order to show the website when clicking on ubi.com.

- Dolby 5.1 is now supported for most sound cards.

- Fixed a random crash that could happen when pressing ESC to cancel a Benchmark run.

- Added CPU Intensive benchmark test run.

- Fixed Jackal Tapes and Partner Tapes pages.

Map editor

- Fixed crash in editor when deleting many objects in very rapid succession.

- Fixed crash in editor during parsing of the map headers.

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  • So, played the patched version: I CAN'T BELIEVE 'Unmount MG' IS STILL LOCKED TO 'E'. They fixed the binds for the hangglider, they fixed the SP->MP binds, but Unmount is still not bindable or equal to Mount. Nor did they implement toggling the Headlights, though there's a key, right there, bound to it.
    Although new cool stuff today were:
    1> temporary sunblindness out on the sand near the Oasis.
    2> repairing my truck, another truck is rolling at me, firing; I quickly run up a rock mound, not wanting to go splat when struck by a truck, to see another truck coming at an angle to the first. They would meet right where I'm standing...If I weren't on this rock, and didn't have an M-79 (it was like "Pod Intersection in 0:03) !BLOOP! The explosion flips the two vehicles across each others path.
    3> Right before I quit for the night, I was on foot and dropped by a safehouse to grab a new truck. I ran past a checkpoint and they must've seen me, because I heard an engine start. I hop up in the truck at the safehouse and wait for the enemy to show. When they do, and I start firing, I suddenly realize this is not my beautiful M-249! This is my beautiful Browning M-2 Air-Cooled .50 HMG! So I saved it there.

    tl;dr unmount bind still broken; sandglare, cars flipping, 50cal MG.