Players Get 'Cherry Popping' Too Soon in Betas, Says Gears of War 2 Director

by Chris Faylor, Nov 05, 2008 8:21am PST
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Developer Epic has previously stated that there wasn't a Gears of War 2 demo as the team wanted to focus on finishing the game, but why wasn't there a multiplayer beta?

Speaking with GamePro, series creator and director Cliff Bleszinski explained:

A beta is like hooking up with a girl just to say, "yeah, I fucked her." I know that sounds crude, but it's the honest-to-God truth. Once you play a beta, you can check it off your list--you can say, "yeah, I played it." Then you might not feel motivated to get that initial cherry popping from the proper, final game.

Granted, we may need to tweak a few things in multiplayer after release through an update. People are going to find exploits we didn't anticipate. That's the reality of making a game -- look at MMOs. We're prepared for that, but we think we're shipping a pretty great game out of the box here.

The Xbox 360-exclusive action game sequel arrives worldwide this Friday, November 7. In related news, Treyarch just opened the Call of Duty: World at War multiplayer beta to all Xbox Live Gold members.


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  • As gamers, I think it is our duty to egg Cliffy on and stroke his ego until he becomes such a towering egotistical dick waving megalomaniac that he manages to implode and take a good hunk of the gaming industry with him. It's far more entertaining than any game he is likely to release. So go out and buy Gears of War 2. You don't even have to play it. Then post about how awesome Cliffy is and that he may very well be Jesus Christ, if Jesus Christ had decided to make ultra violent video games featuring curb stomping that feels like cherry popping (needs to be crunchier!).