EVE Online: Quantum Rise Expansion Hits Nov. 11

The second phase of the free Quantum Rise expansion pack will hit EVE Online on November 11, developer CCP announced today.

Certain portions of the expansion, such as StacklessIO and EVE64 optimizations, have already hit the space-faring PC MMO, enabling over 1,000 players to battle in the same system without experiencing significant lag.

Come November 11, players will find the following among EVE's new features:

  • The introduction of In-game Subscription Services. You can now convert your 60-day EVE Time Codes (ETCs) into two 30-day items in game. These "30-Day Pilot's Licenses" can be traded freely through all regular means (via market or contract or directly between players) and can be activated at any time. This feature will be available on November 11th or shortly thereafter
  • Assembly Array upgrades for those wanting to produce on a grand scale
  • Alchemy allows moon materials to shift the whole landscape of Tech 2 production
  • UI changes include a moveable HUD, module recharge timers and weapon grouping
  • More efficient bomb production. Producers get more boom for their materials.
  • Upgrades to the Trinity Premium graphics content for the ubiquitous stargates of New Eden
  • A rebalancing of ship speeds for vessels of all sizes to rediscover their combat viability, making player vs. player strategy and tactics more important than ever
  • 10 new beautifully haunting music tracks by EVE soundtrack composer RealX
  • The ability for corporations to create and distribute their own custom medals for whatever accomplishments they see fit to bestow on their members
  • Pilots will find a newly-designed certificate system provides a quick and verifiable way to prove their worth in gunnery, trading or countless other professions
  • The shipyards of New Eden have been busy rebalancing industrial ships and are almost ready to undergo production of the mighty capital ship, the Orca
  • For easier navigation, all ships will feature autopilot avoidance options and a few new routes will open up in New Eden.