EA Brings Obama, Biden, McCain and Palin into Spore as Spaceships

BOOM widget 73651 If word of Barack Obama and Sarah Palin's appearances as playable characters in Mercenaries 2 wasn't enough for you, perhaps Maxis and EA's official Spore renditions of the popular politicians will sate that desire.

Yes, on the eve of the national election, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and his running mate Joe Biden are now in Spore as spaceships, along with Republican presidential candidate John McCain and his running mate, Sarah Palin.

Owners of EA Maxis' Spore (PC) can get the politician-shaped spaceships in their game by subscribing to the Election 08 Sporecast.

"Who knows, you just might see Obama firing 'YesYouCannons' around the galaxy, or witness firsthand John McCain being 'mavericky,'" reads a note from publisher and studio owner EA, which was sent to MTV Multiplayer.