Halo Wars Footage Reveals the Flood

By Nick Breckon, Nov 03, 2008 12:38pm PST Microsoft has released a new batch of gameplay footage from Ensemble's RTS Halo Wars.

The video, narrated by lead designer Graeme Devine, offers the first Halo Wars glimpse of everyone's favorite alien horde, the Flood.

Halo Wars is expected to be released January 21 on Xbox 360.

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  • Is it me or do some of the animations (see the scarab e.g.) still look a little rough?

    Whatever, overall looks pretty average. I'm interested until I get a demo, the controls will make or brake it. From the looks of it, it's not the RTS solution on consoles everyone is hoping/waiting for, as keyboard/mouse still seems far, far superior to "A", "X", "shoulder button".

    I guess a big problem is the way everyone expects a RTS to be, with the heavy focus on micromanagement, which isn't exactly the best idea with a gamepad. I'd assume if there will be a really successful RTS on consoles, it will be more in the vein of Supreme Commander, where macro is everything, and the AI takes control over 99% of your micro-needs.