Nintendo Details Downloadable DSi Wario Games

Nintendo today revealed the Japanese launch titles for its handheld DSi Ware downloadable game service, including one Wario Ware title that makes use of the new Nintendo DSi's digital camera.

Dubbed Utsusu! Made In Wario, the title will be comprised of a collection of camera-controlled mini-games. Players will set the Nintendo DSi on a surface and use their hands and other motions to complete the challenges. The game will cost 500 Nintendo points ($5). nope Nintendo will also release new DSi puzzle games under its Art Style label, as well as individually packaged mini-games from the original Wario Ware title for Game Boy Advance. The former will run 500 points ($5), while the latter will cost 200 points ($2).

The company additionally announced a new Nintendo DS game developed by the Wario Ware team titled Made in Me. The game will allow players to create their own Wario Ware-style minigames, and, after purchasing an accompanying Wii game, upload and play them on the big screen.

The Nintendo DSi launches in Japan tomorrow, November 1. The DSi Ware store will open sometime in December.