Mirror's Edge Trailer Wants You To Download Demo

By Maarten Goldstein, Oct 30, 2008 11:28am PDT

With the Mirror's Edge demo available in the PlayStation Store today and the Xbox Live Marketplace tomorrow, Electronic Arts sends along this new trailer showing about a minute of in-game footage.

The demo features the prologue of the game, a tutorial and a segment of the single-player story mode.

Mirror's Edge ships to stores November 11 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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  • Have any more details of the DLC emerged? All I can find is that the PS3 definitely has some "exclusive" DLC, but there's no info on what it is (if it's levels then I want it; if it's costumes then I don't care), whether they mean "exclusive for consoles but not PC" or actually exclusive, or whether the PC and/or 360 version also have exclusive DLC.

    Stuff like not being forthcoming about exactly what DLC will be available for each platform, and embargoing reviews until very near the release date (Fallout 3), seem to contradict retailers' and/or publishers' desires to get people to pre-order games. There's no way I will pre-order a simultaneous multi-platform release unless I know what (if anything) is different about the editions.

    If ME has worthwhile DLC for the PS3 and the other two platforms don't, and reviews say it's as good or better, then it's an easy choice, but I can't make that choice with what's known so far.