Study: Gamers Own A Lot of Games, Some Unopened

A packaging-focused study from the NPD Group has found that the average number of games in a frequent gamer's collection totals a staggering 48 titles, according to Gamasutra.

The study also found that in that same polling group of 562 gamers, 11 percent owned a game that was still sealed in its packaging.

The poll was commissioned by the Content Delivery and Storage Association and the Entertainment Merchants Association, explaining the otherwise odd survey questions.

Other packaging statistics? 88 percent of game owners store their games in the original cases, with 8 percent putting them in plastic sleeves and only 5 percent actually tossing out the original case.

After having their way with a game, 54 percent of gamers surveyed will trade or sell it, 24 percent will give it away, 17 percent will store it, and 2 percent will just throw it in the trash.