Buyers Complain of Faulty Guitar Hero World Tour Instruments

By Chris Faylor, Oct 27, 2008 8:43am PDT Some buyers of Guitar Hero World Tour--which launched yesterday--are complaining of faulty instruments, mirroring the issues that afflicted last year's debut of the Harmonix-developed rival series Rock Band.

Complaints regarding the wireless drum kit focus on drum pads and cymbals that don't register every hit. The wireless guitar has also drawn criticism, with many, such as Shacknews' own GoS-CPT-Stewart and dblagent, finding that the guitars have stopped registering downward strums after a few hours.

Activision's official support forum for the game's instruments are filled with reports of the instrument failure across PS2, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii--the four platforms that received Guitar Hero World Tour yesterday. In response, the forum administration has set up several dedicated threads that point to customer support.

However, at least one issue doesn't seem to stem from Guitar Hero publisher Activison. Despite a previous promise of instrument compatibility, PlayStation 3 owners have found that the Guitar Hero drum set is not recognized by the PS3 release of Harmonix's Rock Band 2, though some speculate Harmonix will resolve this in a patch.

The Xbox 360 version of Rock Band 2 apparently has no issues with GHWT instrument compatibility, as promised.

Developed by Neversoft for the PS3 and Xbox 360, with Vicarious Visions on the Wii edition and Budcat on the PS2, Guitar Hero World Tour is available in three forms: a standalone $50-$60 game, a $90-$100 wireless guitar bundle, and a $180-$190 band kit that packs the game, wirless guitar, wireless drum kit, and a wired microphone.

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  • Off-topic but GHWT related.

    How are songs difficulty-wise? I found that GH3 was for the "hardcore" and found the harder diffculties to be too hard (I'm not that good on the guitar, drums on the other hand...). I disliked the fact that it felt like notes were added just for the sake of increasing difficulty. I know there's some instances where there were notes, but no corresponding notes in the actual song, which bugged me.

    So, is it still the same way or is it a little less "hardcore" and closer to Rock Band 2? If it's in the same tone as GH3 I won't be getting this as none of my friends like GH3 as much as Rock Band.