Lionhead Working to Resolve Game-Breaking Fable 2 Bugs

By Chris Faylor, Oct 24, 2008 12:29pm PDT Just a few days after Lionhead's anticipated action-RPG Fable II (360) arrived on store shelves, the developer's forums are filled with complaints about freezing glitches, lost experience points, missing gold, and other issues.

Now, the studio has chimed in, noting that it is "watching and listening to you, the community, and are looking into all serious issues that are bought to our attention," offering up some advice and a preventative workaround for one troubled quest.

In order to properly complete the Monk's Quest in Oakfield--and thus continue the main story--Lionhead advises players to let the monk run through his entire conversation before leaving the area for the first time. Otherwise, the monk may become unresponsive later on, which would halt story progress and currently has no solution.

As for co-op, the studio states that character progress will be wiped if "you select a save game in the couch co-op screen straight after childhood," with a forthcoming patch set to resolve the issue.

"Some things slip through the net during development, especially when a game is the size and scope of Fable II," Lionhead noted on its boards. "Again, we can only apologise for this issue, but we are doing our best."

Prior to the launch of Fable II, publisher Microsoft announced that the promised online co-op mode had not made it into the final product, but would be added back in a patch--one which just so happened to arrive on the day of release.

Thanks to Xbox 360 Fanboy for pointing out Lionhead's responses.

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  • Look, I purchased Fable 2 on release day, and I am in no way dissapointed. The game is fricking HUGE, so you are going to have to expect a few bugs. I haven't run into anything major and I'm pretty far. I did run into a mission recently where I was supposed to retrieve some chicken fried mutton above a tattooist's house though, and it wouldn't let me pick it up. And my dog, as well as the breadcrumb trail will disappear for extended periods of time. Other than that, it's exactly what i wanted. The co-op is pretty pointless, but I mainly bought it for single player anyway. I think I'll use Gears 2 for multiplayer folks, and I suggest you do the same.

  • It's extremely buggy. The first day I played through the game it locked up in the middle of a quest. I had played all day so I turned off the 360 and went to bed. The next day my save wouldn't load. I tried clearing the 360's cache, and when that didn't work I ran out of ideas. I started another game and finished the game without any issues. I'm not going to mention the dozens of glitches and bugs that don't completely render the game unplayable but still have an effect.

    It's deeply flawed but at the same time it's one of the most enjoyable games I've ever played. I'm playing through it again now.