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By Chris Faylor, Oct 24, 2008 6:15am PDT Party on party people, let me hear some noise.

With Halloween coming up, it's costume-hunting time here in Indiana. Problem is, I hopped on the bandwagon far too late. Had I thought about this a few weeks earlier, I could have had a Green Man suit in time for this weekend's pre-Halloween festivities.

But no, I waited until two days before, and there seems to be no way in the entire internet to buy a green lycra body suit and have it shipped here overnight. In fact, I can't find someone in the United States that even has one in stock.

On the plus side, a Green Man suit seems to be the perfect year-round costume, so...

Anyways, it's Friday, and the weekend's almost here. Surely I'm not the only one with weekend plans--anyone reading a good book? Seeing a good movie? Trying to catch up on their gaming time? Going on a zombie walk?

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  • Fable 2

    re: (money "hack")... sorry it took so long to respond. I forgot :[

    Spoiler'd in case people don't want to know and would rather spend more time doing jobs than playing the game :P

    **** This all depends on you owning a few properties at first (vendor stalls, low rent houses, anything) and takes a little while (maybe an hour or so) but it's worth it. ****

    1) Disconnect your 360 from the internet so you can't connect to XBL
    2) Sign into your profile if you're not signed in
    3) Console settings --> edit date --> change year to 2025
    4) Continue your game and you should get some money. Buy as many more properties as you can. Then save and quit.
    5) Console settings --> edit date --> change year to 2005
    6) Continue your game. You won't get any money but wait about 10 seconds or so then save and quit again.
    7) Console settings --> edit date --> change year to 2025
    8) Continue your game and you should get even more money. Buy as many more properties as you can. Then save and quit.
    9) Repeat as often as you need/want.
    10) When you're at a point where you're satisfied with the amount of money you have, you can reconnect to XBL and play as usual. The reason for disconnecting your 360 from the internet is because once you connect to XBL, it sets your clock to the current date and time.

    I did this quite a few times until I had over 500K gold and figured that was enough. That's really more than enough (for now at least). Now I'm getting over 5K gold every 5 minutes (or whatever the timer is). I own just about everything in Bowerstone Market and most of the properties in Bowerstone Old Town, plus a few properties in Oakfield.

  • So I'm back on the track of learning C++. Every so often I get determined to do so - I'm on about my tenth run now. Up until last run I'd read a lot of books and took a lot of I know the basics pretty well up until the OOP stuff kicks in. Last run was VERY nice, I found an amazing set of Youtube videos that showed me a lot, and I actually comprehended them, unlike the book lessons. I know a lot of you have disdain for the videos, preferring the books, but I genuinely think they helped me through a rough spot in the lessons.

    Anyway, what always happens in these runs is I learn a bunch of crap, then decide I should do some sample programming to get some experience. It doesn't mean anything without experience. I start and finish a few Tic Tac Toe programs, I screw around with a library, I try and use the concepts I've learned but ultimately I get distracted, pulling off into OGRE or something way over my head. I get confused and frustrated and fail at gaining any experience. I give up for a while, forget everything, and the process starts anew.

    I need experience. I know a lot of concepts but they aren't helping me because I haven't used them much in a familiar manner - in my own code. If I come up with sample programs to make, I cheat in my head and pick things that I know how to do. I need some example program challenges or something. The problem with those is that usually you start from scratch every new challenge. This means you do the easy stuff over and over, and rarely ever get to the latest subject matter - the point of that challenge. So you know the easy stuff really well, but the new stuff never sinks in.

    So I was wondering if any of you knew a series of challenges like this that ramped up in concepts, but as it ramped up the mundane crap was done so I could just focus on the new concept. Like a program that was mainly complete but was missing a class, and I was told how the class was supposed to behave. Do these exist on the internet anywhere en masse? If not - can any of you offer any suggestions? This is really frustrating - I've kind of been a programmer since early middle school, and I graduated four years ago. The skill is here - I modify stuff all the time, but I just can't make it from scratch. I just can't nail this barrier, and I need experience for that. Nothing too easy or hard, and nothing I can cheat myself on - I need objective experience. I've looked and come up empty handed, so I thought maybe some of you knew of some, or of an alternative way to gain some experience with the language.