Morning Discussion

Party on party people, let me hear some noise.

With Halloween coming up, it's costume-hunting time here in Indiana. Problem is, I hopped on the bandwagon far too late. Had I thought about this a few weeks earlier, I could have had a Green Man suit in time for this weekend's pre-Halloween festivities.

But no, I waited until two days before, and there seems to be no way in the entire internet to buy a green lycra body suit and have it shipped here overnight. In fact, I can't find someone in the United States that even has one in stock.

On the plus side, a Green Man suit seems to be the perfect year-round costume, so...

Anyways, it's Friday, and the weekend's almost here. Surely I'm not the only one with weekend plans--anyone reading a good book? Seeing a good movie? Trying to catch up on their gaming time? Going on a zombie walk?

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