Rockstar Attemped to Prevent Max Payne Movie, Game Producer Now Proud of Film

By Chris Faylor, Oct 22, 2008 9:08am PDT Despite some intial harsh words, 3D Realms founder and original Max Payne producer Scott Miller says he is "proud of this film" and believes it is one of "the best game-to-film efforts we've seen in the industry."

"Along with the first Tomb Raider, I think it's hard to argue that Max Payne isn't one of the best two adaptations yet," he explained to Edge Online. "This kind of opening [hitting number one at the box office] brings us a lot closer to the reality of a sequel."

Following Remedy Entertainment's 2001 debut of the action-shooting series arrived, 3D Realms and Remedy sold the property to Rockstar Games, which then published the 2003 sequel and, according to Miller, attempted to stop the film.

"After they bought the IP, [Rockstar] made serious attempts, including legal, to try to prevent this movie from being made, and were non-cooperative in providing materials that would help with pre-production," he revealed.

"It's a miracle it ever reached the big screen, and a testament to the committed efforts of Scott Faye and Julie Yorn, the two lead producers," Miller added. "A book could be written on the winding hazard-filled path this project took, through different studios, scripts, and even lawsuits."

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  • With the economy the way it is, and how advertising seems to be out of whack now days I'm suprised MP did as well as it did. A lot of people have no idea what it is or about, and of course they hollywooded it up just a bit to appeal to those who have never played the game.

    All game to movie adaptations have to suffer that fate in order to appeal to people who don't play the games. That's just how it is and will always be with games adapted to movie format. To chime in on Max Payne, I watched it on opening weekend and enjoyed it very much. They changed a few things in the story line from the game, but it was still very close, action packed and entertaining in my opinion.

    I hope it does well enough for a sequel b/c I'd like to see one. Also if you decide to see it, then make sure to watch through the credits. There's a scene at the end that you'll want to see, so don't run out of the movie at the end like every other average movie go'er.

    As far as other game to movie adaptations go, I've enjoyed a few of them. I enjoyed all of the Resident Evil films, Mortal Kombat films were ok, Tomb Raider was done well imo. I haven't seen Hitman which I've been told by people who haven't played the game is good, but I'll have to see for myself.

    Doom was ok, not the best but not horrible either. Street Fighter sucked ballz, as did the old Mario Brothers film back in the day.