Sonic Unleashed Trailers Bring Out the Werehog

By Blake Ellison, Oct 20, 2008 5:05pm PDT Those Sonic Unleashed trailers are at it again with the funky music. This time, a rather pretty trailer sprints and slides through the desert air before giving an extended preview of the Werehog, the night-time, Stretch Armstrong-esque incarnation of everyone's favorite blue hedgehog.

In the works for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, and Wii, the 2.5-dimensional Sonic sequel will arrive later this year.

For a waggle-tastic Wii trailer set in the city, look below:

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  • You know, the first couple of Sonic games on Genesis were good. But really, what made them stand out over the rest of the gaming industry was their technical achievement. All Blast Processing jokes aside, no game before Sonic moved with such speed. Now, the novelty of being "fast" doesn't generate the wow-factor of 15-20 years ago, and flying past an environment without stopping and admiring the design in the levels (oh wait...) makes me feel a little sad for the level designers who spent months cranking out 3-D models that would be on screen for a fraction of a second. I don't know, I guess I just don't get the point.