Unreal Tournament 3 Getting Expansion Content

Epic's Unreal Tournament 3 is set to get more content to help keep the latest incarnation in its deathmatch shooter franchise alive.

"We're working together on a major expansion that we expect will excite and grow our UT3 customer base," said Epic VP Mark Rein to GameSpot. What format the content will take is unknown, but Epic has given players free DLC map packs on the PC and a mod toolkit on the PS3.


The comment came in response to questions about publisher Midway, which announced last week that it was cancelling several games. "Midway is still very much the publisher of Unreal Tournament 3," Rein confirmed.

The PC and PS3 versions launched in late 2007 to disappointing sales before the Xbox 360 edition debuted back in July. Rein reiterated that UT3 has gone on to sell 1 million copies across all three platforms.