New Xbox Avatars Debut in Today's Scene It? Demo

With Krome's Scene It? Box Office Smash (360) approaching its October 28 release, a downloadable 447 MB demo for the movie-trivia game has appeared in the Xbox 360's online Marketplace, offering players a glimpse of the forthcoming Xbox Avatars. nope

Box Office Smash is the first game to support the personalized avatars of the New Xbox Experience, with today's demo offering several pre-made avatars to choose from. After the new dashboard arrives with the Avatar customization functionality on November 19, players will be able to use their own avatars instead of the generic placeholders.

Playable with either a standard controller or the specialized Big Button Controller, Scene It? Box Office Smash will be sold as a $40 standalone game or in a $60 bundle with four Big Button Controllers. Microsoft promises that the title will receive new questions via downloadable content--an oft-requested feature for the original Scene It.