First Post!

*Big Yawn* Mornin'

So a few of us ignored the hilariously bad Max Payne reviews to go to see the movie yesterday. And well...ugh. It is actually not horrible, or "one of the worst movies ever". But it sure is bad. It doesn't even start out that way. For the few hour or so, it is badly paced and lacks any real action, but at least there is quite a bit there from the game. The general look, certain characters, music, some sound effects, the Roscoe Street subway station. Certain things that make you go "Neat. I can't believe I'm watching a Max Payne movie and there is no action - in fact I think Max has punched people more than he has shot at them so far - but neat."Then there's finally a big action scene, and things really fall apart from there. Unnecessary plot twists, war on terror connections and random baffling adaptation changes. All in all, it just ends up making you sad, because yet again they failed in making a good videogame movie.

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