Microsoft: 'We Have the Power' for Metal Gear Solid 4

Microsoft VP John Schappert added to the continued discussion of the zombie-like Metal Gear Solid 4 on Xbox 360 rumor, stating that Solid Snake's elderly romp would be welcome--and technically feasible--on his company's console.

"I can't speak on behalf of Konami, but I can shed more light on the fact that we definitely have the power to run MGS4," Schappert said to MCV, adding his two cents to debate centering on whether the system is capable of running Kojima Productions' hardware-intensive PlayStation 3 exclusive.


"We've got an amazing amount of horsepower and graphics power," Schappert continued, citing a number of Xbox 360 exclusives running "in true high-def."

The executive's words about Sony were less critical than previous Microsoft statements, perhaps because Microsoft declared a second-place victory over the PlayStation 3 in the console wars last month.

"I'm certainly in the fan club that would love to see Kojima-san's masterpiece come our way," he concluded.