Shack PSA: Left 4 Dead Now Available for Steam Pre-Purchase, 10% Off

by Blake Ellison, Oct 15, 2008 4:23pm PDT

Left 4 Dead is getting close to its November 18 launch, and Valve is now happy to accept your money: the PC edition is now available for pre-purchase on Steam with a 10% discount before the game's release, making for a price of $44.99.

"With just over four weeks until launch, Left 4 Dead is showing every sign of topping The Orange Box on both the PC and Xbox 360, at retail as well as on Steam," said Valve marketing VP Doug Lombardi in a press release.

For those resisting the PC incarnation of the run-away-from-zombies shooter, the Xbox 360 version will hit retail on the same day. The 10% discount also applies to pre-purchase customers at retail outlets, according to Valve's press release.

"Our pre-sell numbers at retail have jumped to over 65% greater than Orange Box at the same proximity to launch," Lombardi continued. "We're seeing tremendous enthusiasm for the product in what promises to be another great year for gaming on both platforms," he added.

For the full press release straight from Valve, read on.


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  • Not surprised to see people whinging about the price. After The Orange Box everyone now this expectation that Valve has to out do them selves with value and if every game they release from now on isnt part of some super value pack, 10 games in 1 than, than its not worth it. You've all been spoiled. The Orange Box was incredible value they doesnt happen to often and you shouldnt expect it to, just be glad The Orange Box was such a good buy in the first place and move on.

    And after hearing from people who've played L4D, it'll be well worth the price.