Awesome Swag: Bejeweled Cookies

By Chris Faylor, Oct 15, 2008 10:19am PDT Here at Shacknews, we have just received the most delicious piece of game-related promotional material yet--well, apart from that case of Mountain Dew Halo 3 Game Fuel.

In an effort to promote its upcoming revelation of Bejeweled Twist, PopCap sent over a batch of Bejeweled-styled cookies. Sure, they probably won't disappear when I line up three of more of the same color, but so long as they sit on my desk, their existence is in danger.

A note to PR folk: air fresheners and foam fingers are great and certainly grab our attention, but when you really want to win our affection, there's nothing better than yummy consumables. Now I just have to hope that a Peggle cake is in the cards...

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