Far Cry 2 Uses SecuROM DRM

By Chris Faylor, Oct 15, 2008 7:17am PDT Publisher Ubisoft has confirmed that the PC its open-world shooter Far Cry 2, which hits alongside the PS3 and Xbox 360 editions on October 21, will use a slightly different configuration of the SecuROM DRM technology found in Spore and Crysis Warhead.

Ubisoft forum manager bukowski113 posted the details on the game's official forum:

  • You have 5 activations on 3 separate PCs.
  • Uninstalling the game "refunds" an activation. This process is called "revoke", so as long as you complete proper uninstall you will be able to install the game an unlimited number of times on 3 systems.
  • You can upgrade your computer as many time as you want (using our revoke system)
  • Ubisoft is committed to the support of our games, and additional activations can be provided.
  • Ubisoft is committed to the long term support of our games: you'll always be able to play Far Cry 2.
  • Upon Spore's release, the game's DRM generated a fair amount of controversy, to the point where someone filed a class action lawsuit against publisher EA.

    EA CEO John Ricitiello recently spoke out on the subject, admitting that while he doesn't personally like DRM, it is needed to fight piracy and is "something that 99.8 percent of users wouldn't notice."

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    • The problem with DRM is that distributors seem to believe that every gamer loves WoW and has ADSL. I love games, offline games, with introduction, body and ending. I don't play games online, so don't assume I have internet connection. It's not intelligent to base a copy protection on a requirement that excludes part of your userbase. Steam can do it, is an online distribution platform, but single player games shouldn't.

      Plus, who thinks DRM works? Hackers crack the executable and get rid of any protection. Online based protection isn't per se more difficult to remove.

    • What is the point? Over and over I hear companies quote the same exuse, " If people have a high end system then they most likely know how to use bit torrent." It was something like that anyway. However, these exact same people know where to find the cracks. Why do they bother with this kind of copyright protection.

      I also realize that they have the right to protect their property, but they need to figure out something that actually works. The only people complaining about the DRM and other protections, are their customers. Pirates don't give a shit.

    • Since 2000 I have bought or built 4 computers. I still enjoy playing games like No One Lives Forever 2, Deus Ex, Heroes of Might and Magic 3, and many, many more. What you 'pro-DRM' knuckleheads don't understand is that this type of DRM( which limits you to THREE pcs) can make the game obselete well before a reasonable period of time. Not because you pirated the game but because you simply exceeded the number of pc configurations the game allows. It doesn't even have to be a completely new system - maybe just a new card or a new hdd. What if you were only allowed to watch a dvd movie on 3 dvd players? Wouldn't you be upset? Then why are you so accepting of this form of DRM?

      I won't be buying this game.