EA Planning Mirror's Edge Trilogy

by Chris Faylor, Oct 14, 2008 7:39am PDT

As EA DICE's first person free-runner Mirror's Edge sprints towards its November 11 release on PS3 and Xbox 360 and the winter-due PC edition, senior producer Owen O'Brien has revealed that the title is actually the first installment in a planned trilogy.

"The story we're telling at the moment is kind of a trilogy, a three-story arc," O'Brien informed AusGamers.

"For these first couple games, it's all about Faith. It's all about her experience in the world."

But that doesn't mean the series will stop after the third entry. "I think there's a lot of scope to take the story in different directions, or maybe tell someone else's story," he explained. "I think the world we've created, the city and the culture and the environment, is almost as interesting or more interesting than any one individual story."

A level editor may be among the features of Mirror's Edge 2, as O'Brien noted that it would be "something we're probably going to look out for the sequel."

"The thing is, the game is so easy to play and intuitive, that creating a level editor is a skill in itself," he reasoned. "If we do it, we want to make the editor as easy to use and intuitive as the game is."


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  • What the hell is with game publishers these days? It's like, before a game is out, companies say they're going to make the game a trilogy, and that the game will be the best thing ever.

    Starcraft gets trilogized, and though we don't know price yet, you can bet it won't be expansion pack type costs. Before Spore came out, they told us we'd all be drinking Spore-cola within a month, because the game would be the pinacle of human achievement.

    I liked it better when companies made a game, saw it do well, and then said, "Hey, that was a good game we just made, let's make a sequel, and we'll make it better than the last game!" Instead of, "This game is going to do awesome, let's make it a bunch of times, call them sequels, and make 3 times the money!"