Morning Discussion

By Chris Faylor, Oct 14, 2008 6:41am PDT Hey hey hey, welcome to Tuesday. This means two things.

First, those in North America should be able to find Dead Space in stores tomorrow. I think it's worth a look, as I came away impressed, and a little scared.

Second, we're one day closer to Friday, which, coincidentally, is when my Xbox 360 comes back from ye olde repair shop. Come home soon darling, I miss you :(

Oh, and if you're one of those Diablo fans, you pretty much need to check out the mind-boggling display of Diablo 3 information that Nick has compiled in his Diablo 3: What We Know So Far preview.

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  • Plastic Jesus - different versions of this could fill an hour and I can't believe it hasn't been said
    AC/DC - hells bells
    Thrill kill kult - devil bunnies
    Charlie daniels band - devil went down to georgia
    Slayer - jesus saves (or most from the God Hates Us All album)

    Ed Rush has stated that the inspiration for the song came from a religious radio broadcast from Del Rio, Texas in the 1940s that contained the line "...leaning on the arms of Jesus, wrapped in the bosom of the Lord..." Recordings and performancesErnie Marrs, along with the "Marrs Family" (friends Kay Cothran and Bud Foote) recorded a version of Plastic Jesus in 1965 that was featured in the motion picture Cool Hand Luke (1967).In the film, Paul Newman also sings the song while playing a banjo.The song was covered by the The Flaming Lips on their album Transmissions from the Satellite Heart (1993), though on the album the track is titled "*******".It has also been covered by Billy Idol on the album Devil's Playground, The Levellers on their Fifteen Years EP, Mojo Nixon and Jello Biafra on the Prairie Home Invasion album, Jack Johnson at some of his gigs and on some bootlegs, Cowpunk band Jackass on their album "Plastic Jesus", The Blackeyed Susans on their album Dedicated to the Ones We Love, and Rocky Votolato on his album A Brief History.
    Additional versesOver the years, the folk tradition of this song has grown.Several additional, optional verses have been added to the song. Many folk lyrics refer to Jesus, but several other verses refer to Mary, Joseph, the Apostles, or the Devil.Folksinger Joe Bethancourt has parodies of Plastic Jesus on his website, including Plastic Vishnu, Plastic Cthulhu and an ecumenical version containing verses referencing several religions (Buddhism, Judaism, etc.).