New Xbox 360 Dashboard Loses Features?

The new Xbox 360 dashboard, due November 19, may have lost its promised video and photo sharing features, going by a recent MTV Multiplayer report. nope

"Right now, movie sharing isn't part of Microsoft's plan," reads the site, with Xbox marketing director Albert Penello adding that "those types of things are certainly the aspiration."

Those statements seem to conflict with Microsoft's official announcement of the new software, which promised that a group of up to eight online friends could "watch a Netflix movie together, or share a slideshow of your personal photos."

"We talked about photo sharing," noted Xbox senior strategist Rob Gruhl.

"That's something that, hey, if we want to do photo sharing, we just build that app, drop it in, party enable it and we're good to go. If we wanted to do movie sharing, build an app, party enable it, drop it in," Gruhl explained, adding further weight to the belief that the features have been cut and may arrive later.

Shacknews has contacted Microsoft for clarification on the report.