BlizzCon World of Warcraft Q&A: Swimming Mounts, Deathwing, and Panda Fiction

A panel of World of Warcraft developers took questions today during Blizzard's BlizCon convention, revealing a few upcoming details on the wildly popular MMO.

The biggest news so far is that ground mounts will now learn how to swim post-Lich King.

"In the first content patch that follows Wrath of the Lich King, all of your ground mounts will no longer dismount in water, and they swim now," said a Blizzard representative. nope Creative VP Chris Metzen announced that popular Warcraft lore character Deathwing will be coming into the game in the future.

The panel also noted that while they may work the Panda-like Pandaren race into the fiction of the world, they ran into some trouble with China's perception of the race, noting that they had to be sensitive to such a large base of customers.

Also mentioned was a possible five-man "interaction" with Arthas, the title villain in the upcoming expansion Wrath of the Lich King.