Warhammer Online Boasts 750K Players

By Blake Ellison, Oct 10, 2008 9:34am PDT Mythic's Warhammer Online (PC), the MMO that bills itself as the Led Zep to World of Warcraft's Beatles, is still picking up players with publisher EA announcing today that the game has crested the 750,000 mark.

"Thanks to our players, the war between the Realms continues to escalate at an incredible pace," said Mark Jacobs, Mythic Entertainment co-founder, in a press release issued by EA. "The battlefields are alive with three quarters of a million players fighting for the forces of Order and Destruction in truly epic and unparalleled Realm vs. Realm battles!"

The online role-player launched on September 18, meaning that those 750,000 players have arrived in under one month. EA and Mythic previously touted gaining 500,000 subscribers in the game's first week. At that time, EA called it "the fastest-selling new MMO of all time."

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  • i tried the open beta and just couldn't get into it

    I've tried MMORPG's since Asheron's Call 1 and i'm tired of the same routine of getting dropped in a location, told to talk to NPC and then hunt to level up...Asheron's Call didn't necessarily follow that exact scenario but still the mechanics of what most people did with their time ends up being kill x amount of monsters and raise stats...

    Plus I didn't think this game looked all that great or ran all that great either for a new MMORPG, I'm on Dual Core AMD 3.0ghz, 2GB Dual channel, Windows XP SP3, 8800GT