Shack PSA: Crysis Wars Free Weekend Starts Today

By Chris Faylor, Oct 10, 2008 8:36am PDT The free weekend for Crytek's multiplayer sci-fi shooter Crysis Wars kicks off today, allowing PC gamers to play online for free from now until Sunday night.

To play, simply grab the Crysis Wars executable from FileShack. While you're waiting for all 5GB to download, hit MyCrysis to register for the free key that enables online play.

Within the 5GB Crysis Wars download, you'll find:

  • Three diverse multiplayer modes including InstantAction, TeamInstantAction and PowerStruggle
  • 21 maps ranging from large battlefields to smaller, more intimate battlegrounds with a diverse array of settings ranging from beaches to graveyards
  • All weapons and vehicles released within the Crysis Universe

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