Microsoft Not De-Listing XBLA Games Just Yet

Microsoft is taking steps away from the direction of removing under-performing games from Xbox Live Arcade, according to a new interview from the Tokyo Game Show.

Microsoft VP John Schappert told IGN that "the information about XBLA de-listing had been taken out of context and that there was no plan to do any such thing." Microsoft had only put in place "parameters by which we can delist" games but is not moving forward with any plans to start removing games from the downloadable marketplace.


The New Xbox Experience: Saving Mediocre Games From De-Listing

Schappert's statements deny those of Xbox Live general manager Marc Whitten, who claimed in May that Microsoft would enact a new policy of delisting underperforming titles which had been out for six months, scored less than 65% on Metacritic, and had a conversion rate of less than 6%.

To boot, Schappert indicated that the New Xbox Experience, the Xbox 360 dashboard overhaul due in November, would improve sorting options and make de-listing unnecessary.