Fable 2 Co-op Patch Arrives on Release Day

Lionhead's 360-exclusive RPG sequel Fable II may have gone gold without online co-op in the box, but gamers should fret not: the studio made good on their goal to get cooperative play into a patch to be made available with the game's October 21 release.


In the words of a post on the Fable II Dev Blog:

Remember a couple of days ago (or was it a week) where on a blog it was mentioned that Fable II would be shipping 'without' Online Co-op? And remember we said we were busting our balls to get it ready in time for a 'Day One' release? Well--Good news folks! It looks like we've done it...for all of you who are connected to Xbox Live, when starting up your copy of Fable II.

The update will be available upon inserting the Fable II disc, "taken into account we don't fail certification!" jokes the blog's author.