Shack PSA: Mega Man 9 Boxes On Sale at 5:00 CDT

Remember the Mega Man 9 box, complete with old-school, hand-drawn artwork and exaggerated promo writing on the back? Well, Capcom was indeed listening and has decided to put a small number of those boxes on sale--today.


An entry on the official Capcom Blog states that the boxes--which are press kits, not the actual Mega Man 9 downloadable game--will be sold, starting at 5:00 PM Central Time, at a price of $49.95.

So while Inti Creations' famously difficult 8-bit revival won't be in the box, customers will get an NES cartridge containing a CD full of screenshots and other tidbits used to promote the game.

Capcom says that quantities are very limited, so potential buyers should make a tidy, single-file line at the Capcom Store. Of course, this is The Internet, so a "tidy, single-file line" really means hitting the refresh button as fast as possible at 4:59 PM.