Tenchu Party Game, Beat'n Groovy Join Stickball on XBLA Today

Xbox Live Arcade is having a good day today, as the online marketplace for Xbox 360 downloadable games has picked up three new games. All three are available now at the price of 800 Microsoft Points ($10).

Gaia Industries' MLB Stickball arrives today as promised, featuring sandlot-style baseball and players with gigantic heads as inspired by Topps "Big Head" Major League Baseball Cards.


MLB Stickball, left; Beat'n Groovy, right

Tenchu: Shadow Assault is a party-game spinning off From Software's famous stealth-action Tenchu series. The self-described "trap action" game supports four-player multiplayer both on the same TV and over Xbox Live.

Beat'n Groovy, from developer Voltex, is a music-rhythm game using the standard Xbox 360 controller. The music library spans "different genres such as electronic, instrumental, and pop" and features two-player versus play both locally and on Xbox Live.