Nintendo Wii Points Not Usable in DSi Online Store

By Chris Faylor, Oct 07, 2008 2:41pm PDT The upcoming Nintendo DSi online store will not use the same Wii Points currency Nintendo currently uses in its online Wii Shop Channel, Siliconera reports.

Beginning in November, Japanese retailers will begin carrying Nintendo Points cards, which can then be used to buy download software in either the Wii Shop Channel or the forthcoming Nintendo DSi online store.

While Nintendo Points can be redeemed for either Wii Points or Nintendo DSi Points, those Points can not be shared between the Wii and Nintendo DSi's online shops. As with the existing Wii Points setup, 100 Points are equivalent to $1.

Only accessible from the new Nintendo DSi, the DSi's online store is expected to arrive alongside the enhanced $190 handheld on November 1 in Japan. A North American release of the DSi and its bigger screens, slimmer profile and increased internal memory is not expected before April 2009.

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  • Yeah, this is a bad move.
    I really like Nintendo, but all of their online stuff seems badly thought out.
    DS Friends Codes on a per game basis.
    Wii announced to have system wide friend codes (this wouldn't be too bad), but it turns out that most games use a game specific code.
    And do the Nintendo points not being universal and transferable between Wii and DSi. I mean, everyone love XBox Live, why can they just copy a system everyone likes (minus the stupid 80 points = $1 thing).

    The next gen of consoles really need to take some notes from Steam. Unlimited friends, having friend groups with unlimited members, group event can be scheduled with reminders being sent out (and the Wii already has a calendar that this could be put into), etc.