Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard Announced

D3Publisher today announced Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard, a third-person action PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game due early next year from Dead Head Fred (PSP) developer and D3 subsidiary Vicious Cycle. nope

Though Eat Lead is the first entry in the franchise, D3 has been branding Matt Hazard as a "classic 80's videogame action hero," detailing the protagonist's fictional appearances in titles such as "A Fistful of Hazard" and "Matt Hazard 3D."

D3 claims that Eat Lead "pays homage to the games of yesteryear" through zombie, space marine, cowboy, genetically mutated super sniper foes, and "fires on all cylinders with explosive artillery and combat moves."

The seemingly meta game will sport a "strategic cover system" to help cope with the villain's ability to "hack" the game and alter its code, with players further aided by the "mysterious QA."

"Eat Lead parodies some of our fondest memories in classic gaming and pop culture, so gamers will have a laugh out loud experience," noted D3 VP Pete Andrew. "Eat Lead perfectly blends action and humor with rock solid gameplay for an experience like no other."