Drivers Could Get Discounted Insurance by Gaming

Insurance company Allstate is exploring a new program that would reward the players of specialized video games with lower auto insurance rates, CNN reports.

The company will soon begin testing the effectiveness of the games in accident prevention through a study of 100,000 Pennsylvania drivers between the ages of 50 and 75. The likelihood of an auto accident is said to climb when drivers reach their mid-60s.

Developed by Posit Science, the computer games are "designed to reverse age-related cognitive decline and improve visual alertness," according to the report. In-game activities go beyond driving activities, with one, Jewel Diver, requiring players to follow the movement of a jewel and deduce where it is hidden after fish fill the screen.

With the help of Posit, Allstate will track the total amount of hours played and then compare the accident rates of gamers to non-gamers. Allstate suggests drivers play for at least 10 hours, and will decide next year if the program goes nationwide.

Thanks to spigot for the tip.