God of War Creator Discusses Hollywood Movie, Expresses Faith in Director Brett Ratner

Word that X3: The Last Stand and Rush Hour director Brett Ratner would be helming the upcoming God of War flick was not met with universal acclaim on the internet.

Now, franchise creator David Jaffe has stepped into the ring with the below video, explaining that he's very optimistic about the film based on the deity-slaying action series, which has hit PlayStation 2 and PSP with a PlayStation 3 entry in development.

Jaffe also doused conspiracies that he's pushing the film for his own gain, writing on his blog, that he doesn't "own .1% of the property in any way. Which means, no money EVER came to me- or will come to me- off the film, be it a massive hit or a massive flop. And no money has come to me from the game since I left Sony."