Mercenaries 2 Demo on FileShack

By Blake Ellison, Sep 26, 2008 3:22pm PDT The PC demo of Pandemic's Mercenaries 2: World in Flames has finally arrived to complement the Xbox 360 and PS3 demos that came out last week.

Offering many, many explosions and a sliver of the game's open world, the demo weighs 1.6 GB and can be downloaded now from FileShack.

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  • Holy s**** what a f**** up game.

    First. What's up with that widescreen resolution? It was completely wrong for my widescreen monitor. (1680x1050)

    The game has a few good aspects, but the bad ones overweight everything. The HORRIBLE SOUND and EXTREMLY POOR MUSIC, are only two.
    The graphics extremly vary on the models. Sometimes you get to see nice animations and newest Dx9 effects, then again, you find blurry texturs and POORLY detailed models.

    The mouse controls of the game is a disaster, as well as the weapon feedback.

    Don't expect to get just one cent for this game of me. Console ports are not worth any money imo.

    They are the product of the greedy publisher strategies, and I'm not supporting that.