Peggle XBLA Still Due This Year, Priced at $10 and Packs Multiplayer

The Xbox Live Arcade version of Peggle, once tentatively slated for a Q2 2008 release, is far from dead. In fact, it's still alive, almost done and will cost just 800 MS Points ($10).

PopCap's addictive ball-bouncing downloadable PC title will arrive on Xbox 360 by the year's end, PopCap VP Greg Canessa promised Talking About Games. Its release was postponed to give the team more time for polish, but the game is now about to enter Microsoft's certification process.


Peggle Nights, the newest ball-bouncer from PopCap

In a Peggle series first, the Xbox Live Arcade release will include a variety of multiplayer modes. A two-player Arena mode will be added as well as a four-player competitive mode that's playable on one system or over Xbox Live.

When asked for comment, Shacknews resident Peggle Master Chris Faylor hyperventilated. His response was unintelliglble, but it is believed his attempted comments were in regard to his new copy of Peggle Nights.