Age of Conan's New Director More 'Player-Centric'

By Blake Ellison, Sep 22, 2008 10:43am PDT Funcom's Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures has a new game director and with him comes the promise of a more "player-centric" direction for the MMO that launched in May.

"I think that the fact that Gaute leaves means that we get a direction which is more player-centric, since [new game director Craig Morrison] is so good at being hands-on with the communities at all times," said Funcom product manager Jorgen Tharaldsen to MTV Multiplayer in reference to the sudden departure of Gaute Godager.

Godager was a founding member of Funcom and served as producer on Age of Conan through the game's launch before leaving, citing dissatisfaction with the finished product.

"We have seen but the start of the evolution of Age of Conan, and out of all the people in Funcom, I can't think of anyone which could do it better than Craig," said Tharaldsen. His optimism echoes that of Morrison himself, who promised, "My main priority now is therefore to listen to, and act on, player concerns."

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  • Yeah kinda too late but still its a good thing as Mr Gaute was a disaster for AoC and clearly failed. Ive read people were glad when he left Anarchy online too.

    I canceled my sub 2 weeks ago and i mentioned in my "Im leaving post" and i quote;
    "The Guy who is “Director” of this game should be fired he has failed to community of AoC and this game is going downhill since about 2 months ago."

    I cant ever see myself going back, AoC was nice athe start but somewhere int he middle it kinda went to mush really. You get to 80 and got nothing to do really. PVP is just a gank fest with assholes 20 level higher just killing you over and over

  • looking forward to see what they come up with again. I enjoyed my 2 months with this game, more so than any other mmo in the last 5 or so years. i don't see anything on the radar that will come close to touching the fun i had with AoC.

    only problem (for me and what i was interested in) was that the quests thinned out near the top third of levels.

    graphics are beautiful, music is beautiful, solo friendly as hell, good story, and yes, i love the combat, makes everything else seem retarded in comparison (again, my opinion).

    i didn't give a shit about rvr/guilds/pvp/raids/etc, so my view is limited to based on what i care about.