Wii Grand Theft Auto 'Didn't Feel Natural'

Rockstar cofounder Dan Houser downplayed chances of a Wii entry in its megahit Grand Theft Auto series, saying it "didn't feel natural" compared to the opportunity to make a Nintendo DS game.

"It really was that the DS felt like it had a lot of interesting challenges that would be totally different from what we'd done in the past," Houser told Nintendo Power as relayed by Nintendo Everything. The stylus and the chance to use minigames in that way was really interesting and exciting to us, and we thought we could integrate seamlessly between those two modes."


"And it would be the chance to make something really good on a handheld with our handheld-focused team," he added. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, in development for the DS, is being handled by Rockstar Leeds, which previously produced the Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories games for the PSP.

Publisher Take-Two, for its part, continues to keep quiet on a Wii version of the hijack-happy action game, but CEO Ben Feder refused to shut that door entirely. "GTA: Chinatown Wars is an important step ...and we intend to continue to grow that relationship [with Nintendo]," he said.