First Post!

By Maarten Goldstein, Sep 22, 2008 3:50am PDT

Hope you all had a good weekend. I watched some football, finished Kane & Lynch in co-op mode and did more work on our new screenshots page which is coming along nicely. I'm just currently cursing IE's Javascript engine, but hopefully I can figure it out today.

As far as Kane & Lynch, the reviews are pretty much right. I sort of enjoyed the experience because I was playing it coop, but no part of it is as well-executed as it could be. Still, on the cheap, and with a friend, its a fun couple of hours.

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  • French Menz

    I need your help to clear up some confusion. I'm trying to wrap my head around interrogative pronouns but they make absolutely no sense to me. I can understand when to use and what 'Qu'est-ce que' and 'Qui est-ce que' mean. The former is asking a subject what they are 'verb'ing. The latter asks who the subject is 'verb'ing. Right?

    But when we have to use 'Qu-est ce qui' and 'Qui' and 'Qui est-ce qui' to talk about things and people, respectively, I get mucked up. Furthermore, isn't it possible for me to omit the 'est-ce que' entirely and use inversion and intonation to ask these questions? For example, couldn't "Qu'est-ce que arrive?" be replaced with "Que arrive?" Or couldn't "Qu'est-ce qui est important pour toi?" simply be "Que es important pour toi?" I need to know how to do them without intonation/inversion for the purpose of the class, but as far as the mechanics go, aren't they the same?