Fracture Demo on Xbox Live Now, PS3 Later Today

By Chris Faylor, Sep 18, 2008 7:38am PDT As promised, a demo of Day 1 Studios' terrain-deforming action game Fracture (PS3, 360) is now available to Xbox 360 owners through the console's online Marketplace.

The PlayStation 3 demo is expected to arrive later today, as part of Sony's traditional Thursday update to the system's online PlayStation Store.

Published by LucasArts, Fracture arrives in-stores on October 7.

Faylor's Take: While verifying the demo's availability, I noticed that the the Xbox Live category description for Fracture reads: "Buy this wonderful game now!"

I haven't played Fracture yet, so I can't say much else, but I thought that was amusing. That text is usually just a generic description of the game.

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  • After playing the demo, which was nice of LucasArts to provide us gamers, I felt a little sub-par about it.

    First of all you have the standard Halo-esque shield regeneration which seems quite standard these days. The main character, and his boss, wear very similar to Gears of War armour.

    Cybernetic upgrades are introduced, sort of like Too Human's idea of enhanced humans, I'd even say the main character has a faint resemblance to Baldur. They also decided to give him a lovely, huge scar over his face, like someone planted a sickle through it.

    Also, I can't really place it but... the way he jumps is very last-gen action game. It's not Crackdown with enhanced jumps but it's too lofty to be believable, IMHO.

    The most annoying fact for me was: invisible walls. A lot of the time I would see a ledge that looked attainable, morph the landscape up beside it, only to find that I would jump into an invisible wall. Hrmph!

    On a positive note, the graphics are not bad at all. The idea of landscape manipulation is a novel idea and implemented to an acceptable state, barring the invisible walls where you should be able to jump across. The sound in this though is what you would expect from LucasArts, very good!
    Very immersive and theatrical.

    These are my humble opinions and I would suggest giving the free demo a download, if only to satisfy your own interests. ^_^