Evening Reading

By Steve Gibson, Sep 17, 2008 6:00pm PDT

Pretty sure I look like a grizzly bear at this point with having not shaved for like 5

days. I suppose there are some "clubs" I could show up at looking this way that

would receive that well. Hm....

As for the the videogame news around these parts:

Lastly, we've had a pretty strong uptick in people subscribing to the Shacknews RSS

feed but surprisingly few people subscribing to RSS feeds of particular topics. Do you

guys just not care to customize your RSS feeds for only topics you care about and just

want it all? You can even customize the particular platform you want feeds of with the PC / Wii / 360 / PS3 tags.

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  • I completed Crysis Warhead around 3am last night. I loved the game, but I have mixed feelings about DX10, nvidia, SLi, vista 64, and drivers. Actually they're not all that mixed. I fucking hate them with the same passion as Phil hates his wife.

    Where do I start... I set everything to enthusiast DX10 and started the game. It ran fine for hours. More than half way through the game. Then while loading the mines, it choked at 80%. Computer BSOD. I reboot. I'm prompted with "Recycle bin is corrupt on C:, do you want to delete it?" so whatever I click ok. This then happens for D: and E:. Afterwards explorer crashes and none of my icons work. Start button doesn't work. Games don't work....

    I uninstall the nvidia drivers I was using, which were 177 betas from the EVGA site. Rebooted, computer works again. I rolled back several times to different driver versions, testing in other games first. It took me 3 versions older before drivers worked again. I reboot with new working drivers, and boot Warhead. It hangs while loading the mines again, computer reboots. Recycle Bin is corrupt, do I want to empty etc etc, explorer crashes etc etc.

    I reinstall all the drivers and add -DX9 to Crysis, boots fine, load an older autosave, have to replay through the game where I last saved. The game is flying @ like 40-50FPS in DX9. Why the fuck isn't it this fast in DX10 I wonder? What a piece of shit...

    Anyway. DX10 is the biggest piece of shit ever. I'm going to go home and update my BIOS, perform a driver clean operation, reinstall DX10 (if thats even possible) and try to sort this out.

    DX10 has worked fine for all my other games, no fucking idea why this shit happens with Crysis.