Fallout 3 Censorship Goes Global

By Blake Ellison, Sep 09, 2008 3:18pm PDT Bethesda has revealed that following trouble with the ratings board in Australia, all versions of Fallout 3 will be identically censored when the game is released in October.

"We want to make sure folks understand that the Australian version of Fallout 3 is identical to both the UK and North American versions in every way, on every platform," Bethesda VP Pete Hines told Edge.

Fallout 3, a sequel expanding on Black Isle's classic PC RPG series, was initially refused classification in Australia, effectively banning the game from sale. The game was modified so that "the reward and incentive" for in-game drug use was reduced significantly and then given an MA-15+ rating.

Names for real-world drugs have also been removed from the game.

Hines asserted, "An issue was raised concerning references to real world, proscribed drugs in the game, and we subsequently removed those references and replaced them with fictional names."

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  • So I don't care about the name of a drug - call it Pain-B-Gone instead of morphine for all I care.

    What people are getting hopped up about is the vague statement made by the AU Classification Board to Gamespot (see the article linked) somewhere around August 11th.

    I'm certain that Bethesda would not have shown a version that still had the old "reward" system in at PAX last week, considering they just flew out with the latest build of the game.

    The media descriptions of the system were exactly what I expect from Fallout, so I think there's nothing to see here.