Apple: iPod Touch 'Best Portable Device for Gaming'

By Nick Breckon, Sep 09, 2008 11:57am PDT Apple called out handheld console makers during its "Let's Rock" event in San Francisco this morning, debuting a new iPod Touch ad that directly challenges Nintendo and Sony.

"It's the best portable device for gaming," said the ad, according to Engadget.

Earlier, Apple CEO Steve Jobs had introduced iPod Touch/iPhone games such as Spore Origins, Need for Speed: Undercover, and Real Soccer 2009.

Forbes predicted in June that the iPhone could eventually overtake the Nintendo DS as the dominant handheld gaming platform. About 700 games are now available to download on the platform.

Apple reported that it has shifted over 100 million downloads through its App Store during the first 60 days of its operation.

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  • Minor nitpick: the ad never says anything about being the best portable device for gaming.

    During his presentation (after the ad) he does say, however: (About 47 minutes in)

    "The iPod touch is the best portable device for listening to music, it's clearly the best portable device for watching video, and now you could make a pretty good argument it's the best portable device for playing games on, and a whole new class of games."

    While it's less clear since he's talking about the iPod touch (not the iPhone), I don't think he's comparing it to the DS or PSP, still. I think it's pretty arguable it's already among the best experiences for the (hitherto mostly shit) phone-gaming market and being compared to other music players and media devices. Who knows, though, other than the fact Sony/Nintendo were never mentioned in the entire event.

  • Umm no not even close to be the best portable device. The problem isn't the lack of keys it's fine as it's designed in that regard, The real problem is the size of the device. It's too small screenwise to make use of fully onscreen/touchscreen inputs. I've had mine for probably 6 months now and mostly use it to type notes and browse when it doesn't crash and at times the keys are still too small after all these months of use. Wouldn't even consider it a real gaming platform as it currently is designed.

    Bump the whole thing upto a 5x7 platform and even in it's current incarnation you can still have it look the same with a 4.5x6 screen if it doesn't fully extend to the edge. then you'd have enough room for a larger onscreen touch keypad that more people can use plus plenty of room for gaming button zones if they standardize a control system for it.
    Take a 5x7 piece of paper or visualize it and hold it so it's 7x5 format, go a quarter inch in and standardize a onscreen "gaming" ui setup for the right and left sides. there your done with a control system. Either buttons in a specific zone or use the touch/drag method for virtual joysticks in those areas and you have a full control system. Ontop of that you have a big enough display to fully see a game not just on a small screen. That size it would still be a widescreen format so just think how much better videos would look on it?

    But I'm basically describing a iTouch tablet and they wouldn't think of going with that size since they seem to think too small, current gen ones, or too large and stick it in the laptop format.

  • Being "The Best hand held for gaming" is quite the stretch. However the device remains a large competitor. For casual gaming this device has the capability to win hands down.

    The App store alone offers a great deal and could offer more when it comes to gaming, the potential is there. No need to be at a wifi hot spot (for iphone of course) to browse the app store for a cool game.

    With a price of $5.00 for a simple, great looking casual game that can download in a minute or so is a pretty slick prospect. No need to buy a cartridge for $39.99 when you can just dload the app to your touch or iphone within seconds and only paying $5.00....some even free.

    These are just some points I am touching on when comparing the iphone to the competitors which are clearly the winners right now.