Deus Ex 3 Reveal Coming Next Month

By Blake Ellison, Sep 08, 2008 4:45pm PDT We'll finally hear more about Deus Ex 3--the sci-fi RPG sequel in development at Eidos Montreal--next month, courtesy of a magazine preview.

The NeoGAF forums play host to a scan of a teaser image from PC Zone magazine. "The conspiracy is revealed..." it reads, playing on the series' longstanding exploration into popular conspiracy theories. An image of a human heart is in the background, adding to anatomical themes first seen in the game's teaser trailer, which was released in late 2007.

The news would be the first on the game since late 2007, when it was announced alongside the trailer. A few media reports on the game followed the announcement, but since then Eidos Montreal has largely been silent.

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  • God I want this game to be good...

    Games have evolved a lot since the original and the great thing is that :
    A) They have many games like Oblivion, GTA etc to draw inspiration from and learn what worked and what didnt.
    B) They have DX2 as an example of what NOT to do :)

    It would be a mistake to try and recreate DX1. Instead I hope they really absorb the spirit of it and reinterpret it for today's times, technology, gaming conventions etc. I just remember being so sucked in to the story because of its tangential relation to the world we were living in at the time (and still are). Harvey Smith really echoed this in the video link posted in this thread. I think it took some guts to admit such failure as well. I'll bet he would like another shot at it too :)

    I remember feeling a true sense of discovery when sneaking into an area that, had I not had a lockpick, been inaccessible to me. That sense of rewarding as well as presenting challenges based on a players specific choices was amazing. I would love to see bigger environments, more random NPC interaction that has game play impact, more nooks and crannies to explore that , through doing so, provide advantage or pose a threat, depending on some logical basis. I would personally rather see a more open ended world that provided a huge amount of interaction, changed dynamically based on the players choices than a rail guided experience (ala HL2) that relies on specific mandatory cutscenes and actions to ratchet up urgency and tension. Theres no doubt that an open environment makes creating an end game climax a bit more challenging. Oblivion is an example that shows you can give the player so much choice that they lose a bit of the sense of urgency with the main quest. I would think you could have strategically triggered "world changing" events that occur when the player has demonstrated a clear direction of their gameplay style and preference on interaction. Sort of like the riot period in GTA where suddenly the rules of the environment change dramatically. Too bad that didnt last :) I hope the object system is a beautifully complex as the first (without the funky grid inventory system tho). I could even see a simple skill/talent system ala WoW that lets you create/invent/craft/use objects based on your time invested in learning. Take hacking to the next level. Take weapon mods to the next level. Take bio alterations to the next level. Above all keep it real. Something that feels like it could be happening in 10 years or so. Thats what will get people pulled in. God knows with all the BS going on inside our government now there is plenty of conspiracy theory to draw from :)