'Spore Will Change the Way People Look at Games Forever,' Claims Creator Wright

As Electronic Arts prepares to unleash Maxis' long-awaited life simulator Spore, creator Will Wright has noted his belief that its emphasis on player-made content will have long-term effects in the realm of video games.

"Spore will change the way people look at games forever and change hopefully the perception people have of their own creativity," he told the BBC. nope

Launching this Sunday in North America and already available elsewhere in the world, Spore (PC, Mac) tasks players with creating their own life form and then helping it evolve from a single-celled organism to a space-dominating race.

The complete game follows the release of the free Spore Creature Creator toolset, which resulted in all sorts of various monstrosities. The full version of the toolset hit retailers for $10, and has been among the best-selling PC games since its debut.

Both Wright and EA hope that Spore will be another cultural mega-hit, much like Wright's ultra-successful The Sims franchise. That brand became so popular that EA created a dedicated Sims division.

And while expansion packs and high sales are likely, Wright's hopes for the series extends into the realm of films and a television show. "Spore potentially has a wider net to cast [outside of video games] than The Sims did," he noted earlier this year.

In addition to PC and Mac, Spore will also arrive on Nintendo DS and iPhone by Sunday, though those releases will respectively focus on tribal warfare and cellular life instead of multiple evolutionary phases.

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